Friday, October 5, 2018

When the Sun visits to view my Painting...

When the Sun visits to view my Painting...

After I finished this Pinting, I tried my best to take a good picture but was not happy with what I took in the past. This morning, I was about to step out to go to work and a strip of sunlight coming through the window falling and running from top-left to bottom-right corner glorifying just about the central characters: Peacock feather, Flute, Radha and Krishna caught my eye.

There you go...the best of all captured in this Picture with the Sun being the distinguished visitor and viewer today 😉

Now I wonder when does the Moon arrive as a visitor to view this Painting 🤔

"Sunlight is painting." - Nathaniel Hawthorne
Happy Painting!

Title:  Dancing with Krishna
Mediums: Oil on Canvas
Inspiration: Passion for Arts...
Size: 36" x 24" (91.5 cm x 60 cm)
Surface: Stretched Canvas board


  1. Nice painting sir..
    చందమామ కూడా మీ పైంటీంగ్ చూడటానికి తన వంతు కోసం ఎదురుచూస్తూ ఉన్నాడేమో సార్..😆😆

    1. అదే అనుకుంటానండీ నేనూ...చూడాలి, థ్యాంక్ యూ!