Thursday, December 25, 2014

Inspiration comes from anywhere...

Bahubali - Avanthika
Inspiration comes from anywhere and lies everywhere. I wasn't even thinking of starting a new Painting when I woke up last Sunday. But the moment I saw the picture of Tamannah posted on Facebook by Bahubali's team, the movie that our great Telugu Film Director Rajamouli Garu is directing. It instantly inspired me, pulled me into Painting and made my Sunday.

Like many, I have been waiting for this movie which is going to be a visually stunning and a real feast to artistic eyes. I wish Good luck to Bahubali team!

Inspired by a great movie that hundreds of Artists are working together, I am happy to end this year with this painting. As with every Painting, I enjoyed doing this one.

Happy New Year & Happy Painting!

Title: Avanthika
Size: 16" x 20" (40 cm x 50 cm)
Source: Rajamouli's Bahubali movie

Surface: Artistico Fabriano Watercolor Paper, 140 lb Cold Press
Paints: Every color on my Palette
Brushes: Da Vinci Kolinsky Round Size 1, 3, 5 and 8

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Looking back 2014...

Looking Back 2014...
It's this time of the year that we look back and also look forward in time; look back into the year that is going to become a memory soon and look forward for a brand new year that is going to come in with all new hopes. Of course, one always looks forward for a better year than the previous. As I look back into my Journey with Arts through this year 2014, I have many joyful moments to recollect from my Art World.

Good Start - always puts on a good path...

Like past few years, this year also started with the BigHelp annual event in which our Kalakruti members were the Judges for judging Kids' Art. It was a joyful event from many fronts for a good cause of helping Kids & Schools in India. It was certainly a good start of my year in Arts.

New Art supplies - come with new learnings...

This year gave me new opportunities for learning. I bought some of the best quality Art supplies including Brushes, Watercolor Paper and Watercolor Paints. I also learned some tips and techniques of Watercolor Painting from books, friends and workshops. I started to notice how much of a difference a good quality Art Supplies make. Also, this is the year, I started going big in size with my paintings, I did many 16 inch x 20 inch paintings.

Workshops - a great opportunity...

I also attended a 4-day workshop in Gloucester, MA conducted by one of the Best Watercolor Painters of our age- Thomas W. Schaller, which gave me first-in-life opportunity to observe a professional Artist closely at work. It also changed my style, perspective and the process of Watercolor Painting. I also learned how professional Artists see Art in things around us and more importantly how do they begin the process of Painting and go through it till end. In his words, Tom, in the very beginning of the First Day's session said, "The process of Painting actually starts way before you even touch the Brush...". Very true, I learned some invaluable details and techniques taught by Tom in this workshop. I also tried some of the Paints and Paper that Tom uses in his Paintings and fell in Love with the quality. As I already said many times, I am glad I came across Tom on Facebook.

Not only I attended a workshop, we, the Kalakrutians teamed up with BigHelp and conducted an Art Workshop for children from KG-12th Grade. It exceeded all our expectations. We got a wonderful  response from the community. It was more than a joy teaching Kids and watching them doing and fully involved in Art.

I also introduced Watercolor Painting to my 11 year old son, Bhuvan, who in my opinion has the finest of fine skills in Art. He used to amaze me with his skills when he was not even 3 years old. He always watches me quietly painting in a room and gives the very first opinion. It was a pleasure introducing Watercolor Painting to Bhuvan. Now he knows some of the techniques that I have been learning and practicing lately.

Sculpture - year after year...

It's been my fifth year in a row since I started making Lord Ganesh from natural clay, all by hands. Year after year, I notice my progressing skills. This year I challenged myself to finish it off faster than earlier. To my surprise, I finished very fast and got even better at it. This way of celebrating the Hindu Festival - Vinayakachavithi by making Ganesh is a very pleasant experience to cherish for many years.

Art show - sets the stage...

I can't say that "My Arts were never displayed to public anywhere" anymore. My Paintings were part of the very first Art Show of our Kalakruti group at the Lakeside Gallery in Sharon, MA. It was very exciting to me to be part of this Art Show. It was very well received by Art Lovers in and around Sharon town. My colleague and friend also came down all the way from Somerville on the opening day reception with his Mom who was on vacation to Boston coming from Germany. It was a pleasure meeting many Art enthusiasts. I hope this sets the stage for future. ;)

Variations - on the way of finding my own style...

Going out of my style (if I have one yet), I did several Paintings on various subjects this year, ranging from flowers, birds, landscapes & portraits to Hindu Gods. All in all, I am happy that I finished a few from my long pending wish list.

Admirers - always the best source of inspiration...

I have been one of the millions of Telugu people who admire Bapu- the greatest master of line drawings. His demise on August 31 this year shook all Telugu people around the world. I was remembering Bapu by doing a Portrait of him with some of his drawings around his portrait. I have it now framed and is on the wall in our Family Room at our Home. A copy of this Painting was also taken by the TANTEX(Telugu Association of North Texas) in their monthly literary event of remembering Bapu. Thanks to my school-mate and friend Dr. Narasimha Reddy Urimindi (President Elect.) for giving my painting such an honor to be a part of it.

This painting also got published in the Telugu magazine "Nadi". Many many thanks to the editor Prabhakar Jaladanki.

Towards the end of this year, on Dec 15, I also celebrated Bapu's very first birthday after he passed away by imitating his self-portrait in his style which is very difficult. After a great struggle through each inch of each line, I was able to do it to some extent. I was happy celebrating and remembering Bapu on his birthday, in this way. This will probably remain the last piece of my Art work done in this year.

Quiet Mornings - the best time of the day...

I had spent many of my weekend mornings quietly painting in a room with a background music of classical Hindi and Telugu songs. When I look back to recollect my weekend mornings, I feel good that I didn't have that many weekends without me spending my time with Painting. Otherwise, how can one reach to put in 10,000 hours of effort in Art to call oneself an "Artist"?

Above all, comments by friends on Facebook & Blog, and interest shown by some friends to know the details of my Paintings give me tremendous joy and make me look forward for another beautiful and artful year ahead.

Happy Painting!
Happy & Healthy New Year, 2015!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

మన "బాపు" పుట్టిన రోజు పండుగ...

మన "బాపు"

మన "తెలుగుదనం"
బాపు చేతిన ఒదిగి
దిద్దుకునే "నిండుగ"

బాపు "జన్మదినం"
తెలుగు మదిన తలచి
జరుపుకునే "పండుగ"

Title: మన "బాపు"
Size: 11" x 14" (27.9 cm x 35.6 cm)
Source: Bapu's own sketch of himself

Surface: Strathmore Bristol Smooth Surface
Mediums: Watercolors, Prismacolor Premier Brush tip markers & Artist's Loft Illustration Pens (0.5 & 0.8)