A Sketch a Day

I have been a morning person since my childhood. Much of my Drawings/Paintings are done during morning hours. I believe those early hours of a day are ideal for any qualitative work. The quality gets deteriorated slowly and the mind gets tired as the day moves on.

Lately, I have been trying to follow Bapu's suggestions. Draw anything you see and keep practicing. I always keep a sketchbook in my backpack during my daily commute to work. When I open it on the train, I just commute straight into Art. The sketchbook quickly gets filled with fast few-minute sketches, page after page, day after day and book after book.

When I open my sketchbook, I notice that any given day's sketches are improved than previous day's. I sketch anything that I see interesting on my commute. Sometimes, after returning home, I add quick watercolors to few sketches. The colors dramatically change the sketch by showing some light and shadows.

Daily sketching is good for improving Art skills. A sketch a day keeps your mind away from this mechanical world at least for few minutes. Daily Sketching is a very healthy and refreshing Art Exercise that one should continue to do!

Happy Sketching!
- Giri


  1. nenu rojuki moodu leda nalugu chitralu geestuntanu andulo okati tappanisariga krushnuni chitram untundi sri krushnudu ante naaku pranam chitralu geestunnantasepoo naku mindlo etuvanti alochana radu ento prasantamga untundi jivitamloni badhalu anni marchipotanu chitram lo light n shede tevadam naku kudaradamledu sir

    1. అవునా? గీస్తూ ఉండండి అదే అలవాటవుతుంది.