Sunday, September 20, 2015

My first Complete-attempt in Oil - Nātyānjali-10: A Tribute to Indian Classical Dance...

Nātyānjali-10: Indian Classical Dance...
Oil Painting has been my dream and is the richest of all painting media. Though I made few attempts in the past, I never came this close to call any of my attempts a complete-attempt.

After gaining some experience with watercolor media lately, I felt like resuming my attempts with Oil Painting. Having done a series of watercolor paintings on few subjects, deciding on what to attempt for my first Oil Painting was a no-brainer for me and I chose my favorite subject - "Nātyānjali - My tribute to Indian Classical Dance". However, I wanted to do a Painting that can only be attempted in Oil and should also be a challenging.

A Painting in dark colors is something that I have in my wish-list for years. This is obviously something that I couldn't do in watercolors. I did one in the past with just "Indian Ink" though. This idea of 'a painting in dark colors' from my wish-list popped up again and put me into a challenging beginning of my journey with Oil Painting. I took it serious this time and worked on it solely for few weeks, awaiting patiently week-after-week for it to dry up little bit after each phase during the lengthy process of Oil Painting.

I am very happy with my first challenging-attempt of this Oil Painting that I can call - a complete-attempt. Now, I can proudly say, the journey of my soul has just begun on Canvas. Also, my impression of 'Oil Painting is easy' has began to fade and I began to believe that each media poses it's own challenges to the Artist.

In many aspects, it is a complete(d)-attempt and I am quite happy with my efforts and the result.

Happy Painting.
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Mediums: Oil on Canvas
Title: Nātyānjali - My Tribute to Indian Classical Dance
Category: Portraits
Inspiration: My dream wish-list and random pictures
Size: 22" x 28" (56 cm x 71 cm)

Surface: Artist's Loft Gallery Wrapped Traditional Canvas
Paints: Rembrandt Artist's quality Oil Paints
Brushes: No 1, 5 and 8 filbert, No. 1 rounded
Other Media: Winsor & Newton Liquin Original