Saraswati - The Hindu Goddess of Knowledge and Arts.


Done for a Telugu magazine 'Nadi'.


A Team Logo done for my kids FLL 2012 Robotics T-Shirt after their team made into MA State finals. I depicted the theme of FLL 2012: Senior Solutions Challenge and Sharon School Mascot: Eagle in the Logo.


  1. Dear sir,
    I am from india and i like your paintings a lot.I have 8 year old daughter who also draws.
    she got a asignment to draw a cover page for school magazine themed "everlasting expression".
    Can you convey your valueable ideas of how to draw this?

    1. Dear Saba,
      I am extremely happy to know that you like my Paintings. As I see your email on the first day of this year, I say "Happy New Year to you and your daughter"!

      As you said your daughter is 8 year old, I would suggest to think from her view of the world. Her world at this age is just her childhood, Mom & Dad and School, very small. She can probably take one of these as a theme and think to draw in her own style and color it nicely. I bet anything that she draws would become a perfect cover for her school magazine. Sine the theme is "everlasting expression", just ask her to come up with just a couple of things she would think at this age that would last forever in her life. Kids are smarter than Adults and I am sure, she will have a few ideas right away. Hope I am giving you some ideas to extract out the Artist in her.

      When it comes to material, pick something that she is comfortable with. Color pencils or crayons would be a better choice for that age.

      Hope that helps you get started.
      Let me know if that helps and how it goes.

  2. O my god .... very nice చాలా చాలా బాగా వేసారు..... సూపర్