Sunday, February 28, 2016

Practice is the only way...

Sketching - Eyes
Keep practicing to get better. Practice is the only way!
Happy sketching!

Here is an inline few seconds glimpse of my sketch while progressing (video credits: Bhuvan Pottepalem):

YouTube link:

Title: Eyes
Inspiration: Desire to improve my skills
Reference: My college day paper collections
Mediums: Ink pen
Surface: Heavyweight (80#) Sketching Paper
Size: 11" x 81/2" (28 cm x 21.5 cm)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Climb High...

I didn't know what material I needed, where to buy and how to start. All I knew was I wanted to do Painting. A strong desire to learn Painting. That strong desire drove me to explore all book-stores and shops in search of Painting material in Vijayawada, my college-town in India.

In fact, this one was my very-first-attempt to do a watercolor painting with Camel Poster colors I bought. I still remember that joyful moment of my first step into a long journey of Painting! The journey started about 29 years ago today...This Day that Age!

Keep your Aim always higher than the goal.
Happy Painting!

This Day that Age: The very first step of my journey into Painting
Title: Climb High
Inspiration: Desire to test & improve my skills
Reference: Newspaper Ad
Mediums: Camel Poster Colors
Surface: Paper
Size: 15" x 9' (38 cm x 23 cm)
Dated: Feb 20, 1987

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Drawing like a Painting...

Portrait of Bhanupriya - Ballpoint Pen on Paper
I heard some Artists saying- don't paint like a drawing. That's true! When you are painting, don't paint like a drawing. But, what if I am drawing and I want to draw like a painting? That's an interesting thought and exactly what I questioned myself before I started drawing this.

In Painting, there is always a set of colors to choose from and different values of single color to get the composition and all the shades desired. The surface chosen to Paint also helps and plays an important role along the way. In drawing, you don't have all that luxury of choices and help. Typically, all you have is the surface and one medium like pencil, ink, charcoal etc that you choose. Of course, each medium comes with it's own challenges. All you depend on is, just your own skill.

Painting doesn't require accuracy, but drawing does.

In Art, in my opinion, there are no boundaries, and no hard and fast rules. Just go with no rules and boundaries and do you what you enjoy doing. When you enjoy and love what you do, nothing else matters much!

Happy Drawing and Happy Painting!

Here is a snapshot of work in progress:

Drawing in progress...
Here is a few seconds glimpse of my drawing while progressing (video credits: Bhuvan Pottepalem):

Youtube link to video:

Title: Portrait of Bhanupriya
Inspiration: Desire to test & improve my skills
Reference: A paper cutting from my college-days (portrait of Telugu actress Bhanupriya)
Mediums: BIC round stic Grip fine Ballpoint Pen
Surface: Utrecht Smooth 2-Ply Plate Finish Acid Free Paper
Size: 11" x 14' (28 cm x 36 cm)