Saturday, February 20, 2016

Climb High...

I didn't know what material I needed, where to buy and how to start. All I knew was I wanted to do Painting. A strong desire to learn Painting. That strong desire drove me to explore all book-stores and shops in search of Painting material in Vijayawada, my college-town in India.

In fact, this one was my very-first-attempt to do a watercolor painting with Camel Poster colors I bought. I still remember that joyful moment of my first step into a long journey of Painting! The journey started about 29 years ago today...This Day that Age!

Keep your Aim always higher than the goal.
Happy Painting!

This Day that Age: The very first step of my journey into Painting
Title: Climb High
Inspiration: Desire to test & improve my skills
Reference: Newspaper Ad
Mediums: Camel Poster Colors
Surface: Paper
Size: 15" x 9' (38 cm x 23 cm)
Dated: Feb 20, 1987


  1. Good to know your initial steps & zeal for painting.
    Very nice & good inspiration. Desire is driving force behind of every success.

    1. Thanks Ekambar. Very true as you said: "Desire is driving force behind of every success."