Saturday, August 25, 2018

Don't just make it, make it Great!

Dancing with Krishna - Oil on Canvas

Though I started this painting an year ago, I spent many hours during past few weeks to take it this far and took a pause, signed and dated. This is the first Painting that when it was still wet in paint, went on display in public, a day after I signed, and before I even posted it on my blog & social networks. Last week, it was displayed at an India classical dance event Shringara Triveni in Littleton, MA, USA which was based on the theme- Love for Krishna. This painting was so appropriate at that event which also had an Art exhibition going on by Kalakruti and students of an Art school. I had put a price-tag of "make your own offer". When people showed interest to buy, it was hard pricing my sincere efforts on this Painting. The enthusiasm this painting created at the show among viewers for Art and Dance was itself priceless for me. Few people asked for the price and many people stopped by staring at it for minutes and talking with me to know many details. One common question that I get these days at shows like this is - Do you teach Painting?. My answer so far has always been: No, I am still a learner. Who knows, what is there awaiting for me in future ;)

Indian Classical Dance has been one of few themes I chose and did a series of Paintings already. My second finished Oil Painting of Dancing Krishna (alone in the universe), created a new theme, Krishna for me for a series. This Painting fits in both the themes: Indian Classical Dance and Krishna. It was only a co-incidence that Krishna continues to dance in this series, but this time, the Love for Krishna joined and seen dancing along with his inseparable Flute and Peacock Feather. It has 4 dancers in it. Also, every painting has an unseen person in it, the Artist him-self/her-self.

Though I signed and dated it already, in coming weeks I will be giving it minor finishing touches before it goes on into a frame and finds a place to live. This is yet another Painting that makes me feel great and inspires me every single time I take a look at it. Of course, it did not happen just like that. It has many many hours of sincere efforts and dedication went into it.

"A great work is made out of a combination of obedience and liberty" - Nadia Boulanger

Happy Painting!

Title:  Dancing with Krishna
Mediums: Oil on Canvas
Inspiration: Passion for Arts...
Size: 36" x 24" (91.5 cm x 60 cm)
Surface: Stretched Canvas board