Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

"Drawing/Painting is just my hobby. It is my passion but not my profession.

I like to do paintings that look more realistic. Whether it is an object, portrait or a landscape, I always try to get real photographic effect in terms of both color and contrast. I try to make my paintings look more beautiful and meaningful.

My works are heavily influenced by the nature and people around us. Nature had given us several wonderful and beautiful things. Every part of the nature offers its own wonders. I enjoy exploring the natural world around us and try to re-create it on my canvas. If my paintings bring any little joy or pleasure to the viewers, I think the sole purpose of my painting is met. It is my belief that any 'Art' should be enjoyable and understandable by a common person. I wish the joy I find in recreating the natural and beautiful things around us could be shared with those who seek.

My drawings/paintings are done using variety of material including Water Colors on Paper, Ball Point Pen on Paper, Indian Ink on Paper, Ink on Paper, Pencil on Paper, Sketches on Paper and Oils on canvas/paper.


- Giridhar Pottepalem

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