Thursday, December 31, 2015

Good Bye - 2015...

The Journey - 2015
As the year 2015 comes to a close in just few hours, I thought I would end this year with a fast sketch. Once again, my picture-collection-treasure-box became the source of inspiration for my last Art work of this year.

This year also has been a wonderful Art Journey year for me. To depict this journey, I chose to do a sketch of this train going through beautiful mountains. Like a train journey takes us through many stations, life journey takes us through many years in life-time. Each year comes in bringing new hopes, new surprises and leaves us with many memories. As the life journey goes on, we keep collecting memories from each year and cherish those in coming years.

In any journey, we come across new people. We make friends of some. Some, just come and go. I met many wonderful people along this year's Art Journey. Everyone who looks at my Art and expresses their opinion by saying something, takes part in this journey. Some leave me with many Artful memories. I always look back into my past to cherish every such fine moment.

2015 is an exceptional year for me and my Art. With my heart heavily filled with memories, I have to say "Good Bye" now to 2015.

Like many years, I always remember this year!
Good Bye 2015!
Happy painting!

My last Art before saying "Good Bye - 2015"
Inspiration: Random Picture from my Collection
Mediums: Ballpoint Pen and Watercolors on Paper
Surface: Utrecht Smooth Surface Acid Free Paper
Size: 11" x 14" (28 cm x 35.5 cm)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Classic Art...

Indian Classical Dance - A Sketch
Practice is the only way to improve any skill. Art becomes Classic when it reaches the highest in it's quality and standards. Indian Classical Dance is the best example of such Art.

Practice the skill you have and make it reach "Classic"...

Happy Painting!

Indian Classical Dance - A Sketch in progress

Inspiration: Random Picture from my Collection
Mediums: Ballpoint Pen and Watercolors on Paper
Surface: Heavyweight (80#) Sketching Paper
Size: 11" x 81/2" (28 cm x 21.5 cm)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sketching to learn...

A Sketch
Sketching is a quick way of visualizing. For Artists, it is a way of quickly studying the subject.

Happy Sketching and Happy Painting!

Inspiration: Random Picture from my Collection
Mediums: Ballpoint Pen and Watercolors on Paper
Surface: Utrecht Smooth Surface Acid Free Paper
Size: 11" x 14" (28 cm x 35.5 cm)

Friday, December 25, 2015

Looking Back 2015 - another Artful year in my life...

Looking Back - 2015

As the year 2015 comes to an end, to soon become the past in life, I look back into it with my Heart filled with Art.

The year 2015- is yet another Artful year for me. My watercolor exploration continued at it's fastest pace ever cruising into the new year with the first painting done on a Cruise-Ship during my Christmas vacation. I am glad that I took couple of hours away from my busy time for Painting on the Cruise-Ship, leaving my memories mixed with my Art and no scope for regrets.

Looking Back - 2015

I chose various subjects for my paintings ranging from some of my passionate subjects like Portraits, Indian Classical Dance & Hindu Temples through Landscapes & Birds, to even some of my bucket-list specifics.

New Art Mediums:
Also, this is the year, that I can proudly mark in my life by saying- "Yes, I got into my dream medium of Art- Oil Painting" by successfully finishing a couple of Oil Paintings.

I participated in TANA 2015 Art competitions held in Detroit by submitting three of my Watercolor Paintings as entries and all three making into finals and one winning a Prize. This is the first ever Cash prize that my Arts were awarded with.

Looking Back - 2015

Art Exhibits:
This year also I have had a participation in couple of Art Exhibits in Sharon town.

Specials & Surprises:
The opportunity that I got to do four sketches for "Tripaadi Ganga Dance Ballet" by Sailaja garu and her students from Kuchipudi Natyalaya was a very special honor happened to my Arts. And, one of my college-days-drawings of Bhanupriya appearing on TV9 left me with a very pleasant surprise.

All in all, it's been another artful year, which when I look back, makes me feel proud of my efforts in Arts. I learned many lessons along the path. If life is treated as a book, every chapter in it is a lesson. When we closed a chapter, we learned a lesson. When we open a new chapter, we are ready for new learnings. Keep learning from lessons that life goes on teaching!

I am looking forward to another colorful, beautiful, artful and heartful learnings from a new chapter in another New Year.

Thanks to all who give me energies!

Happy Painting!
Happy, Safe & Healthy Holidays!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Morning sketching...

It's always very refreshing, doing some sketches on a Saturday morning after a busy week.

Mediums: Staedtler 0.3mm Ink pen Prisma Color Brusk Tip Markers with a touch of watercolors
Size: 8.5" x 11" (14 cm x 22 cm)
Surface: Acid Free paper

Sunday, December 6, 2015

When Art meets Art...

 Ganga Kuchipudi Dance with Ganga Art backdrop
Yesterday evening was a memorable experience for me watching the Magnificent Kuchipui Dance Ballet Tripaadi Ganga choreographed, directed and performed by Sailaja Tummala garu with her dance school students at the Collins Center for Performing Arts, Andover, MA organized by World Hindu Council of America (VHPA) and Sri Kuchipudi Natyalaya.

It was a delighting experience seeing my Art as the backdrop on the stage during this two-and-half-hour long wonderful ballet on the concept of different forms of Ganga - Sweeya, Parakeeya and Saamaanya, beautifully narrated and depicted on the stage through Kuchipudi Dance.

Following are the three sketches done for introducing those three forms:

Sweeya - A woman who loves, marries and lives with one for life
Parakeeya - Marries one but loves another
Saamaanya - One who can be with many
Indian Classical Dance has been one of the subjects that I have been doing series of paintings in both Watercolors and Oil colors. I admire this divine form of Art so much and always get inspired by it. I am truly honored to get this opportunity to do few sketches for this beautiful Kuchipudi Dance Ballet that depicted Ganga in three forms from 1) Born for Lord Shiva (Sweeya) to 2) Living with King Shantanu (Parakeeya) due to Bramha's Curse and 3) Reaching millions of people in India now who live and depend on it's water for daily living.

Many Thanks to Sailaja garu for giving me this opportunity and I was humbled by her words when she mentioned my name and my Art at the end of the show. Not only a wonderful Kuchipudi dancer, she is very inspirational speaker. I am also thankful to Radha Jaldu for introducing me and my Art to Sailaja garu. I am even more inspired now.

It was an evening very well spent and I cherish all those moments and the wonderful experience forever.

Some more moments captured: