Sunday, December 6, 2015

When Art meets Art...

 Ganga Kuchipudi Dance with Ganga Art backdrop
Yesterday evening was a memorable experience for me watching the Magnificent Kuchipui Dance Ballet Tripaadi Ganga choreographed, directed and performed by Sailaja Tummala garu with her dance school students at the Collins Center for Performing Arts, Andover, MA organized by World Hindu Council of America (VHPA) and Sri Kuchipudi Natyalaya.

It was a delighting experience seeing my Art as the backdrop on the stage during this two-and-half-hour long wonderful ballet on the concept of different forms of Ganga - Sweeya, Parakeeya and Saamaanya, beautifully narrated and depicted on the stage through Kuchipudi Dance.

Following are the three sketches done for introducing those three forms:

Sweeya - A woman who loves, marries and lives with one for life
Parakeeya - Marries one but loves another
Saamaanya - One who can be with many
Indian Classical Dance has been one of the subjects that I have been doing series of paintings in both Watercolors and Oil colors. I admire this divine form of Art so much and always get inspired by it. I am truly honored to get this opportunity to do few sketches for this beautiful Kuchipudi Dance Ballet that depicted Ganga in three forms from 1) Born for Lord Shiva (Sweeya) to 2) Living with King Shantanu (Parakeeya) due to Bramha's Curse and 3) Reaching millions of people in India now who live and depend on it's water for daily living.

Many Thanks to Sailaja garu for giving me this opportunity and I was humbled by her words when she mentioned my name and my Art at the end of the show. Not only a wonderful Kuchipudi dancer, she is very inspirational speaker. I am also thankful to Radha Jaldu for introducing me and my Art to Sailaja garu. I am even more inspired now.

It was an evening very well spent and I cherish all those moments and the wonderful experience forever.

Some more moments captured:

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