Friday, December 25, 2015

Looking Back 2015 - another Artful year in my life...

Looking Back - 2015

As the year 2015 comes to an end, to soon become the past in life, I look back into it with my Heart filled with Art.

The year 2015- is yet another Artful year for me. My watercolor exploration continued at it's fastest pace ever cruising into the new year with the first painting done on a Cruise-Ship during my Christmas vacation. I am glad that I took couple of hours away from my busy time for Painting on the Cruise-Ship, leaving my memories mixed with my Art and no scope for regrets.

Looking Back - 2015

I chose various subjects for my paintings ranging from some of my passionate subjects like Portraits, Indian Classical Dance & Hindu Temples through Landscapes & Birds, to even some of my bucket-list specifics.

New Art Mediums:
Also, this is the year, that I can proudly mark in my life by saying- "Yes, I got into my dream medium of Art- Oil Painting" by successfully finishing a couple of Oil Paintings.

I participated in TANA 2015 Art competitions held in Detroit by submitting three of my Watercolor Paintings as entries and all three making into finals and one winning a Prize. This is the first ever Cash prize that my Arts were awarded with.

Looking Back - 2015

Art Exhibits:
This year also I have had a participation in couple of Art Exhibits in Sharon town.

Specials & Surprises:
The opportunity that I got to do four sketches for "Tripaadi Ganga Dance Ballet" by Sailaja garu and her students from Kuchipudi Natyalaya was a very special honor happened to my Arts. And, one of my college-days-drawings of Bhanupriya appearing on TV9 left me with a very pleasant surprise.

All in all, it's been another artful year, which when I look back, makes me feel proud of my efforts in Arts. I learned many lessons along the path. If life is treated as a book, every chapter in it is a lesson. When we closed a chapter, we learned a lesson. When we open a new chapter, we are ready for new learnings. Keep learning from lessons that life goes on teaching!

I am looking forward to another colorful, beautiful, artful and heartful learnings from a new chapter in another New Year.

Thanks to all who give me energies!

Happy Painting!
Happy, Safe & Healthy Holidays!

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