Giridhar Pottepalem

Art - a pure, divine, eternal and creative form of the skill of inner heart and soul.

As life, Art is also a journey. Unlike life, it never dies, but only continues to exist with the creator's soul living in it. But only when art is taken to the heart, a real journey starts and a true joy would be experienced along the way.

My journey of Art began as a hobby in my childhood, later transformed into a passion. But, it is only recently I have started to experience it solely from my heart. Now, my (HE)ART is reborn.

I am a self-taught Art hobbyist. I've enjoyed Art since my childhood. As life added work and more responsibilities, Art took a side part in my life. Without any regrets on the past, I have been trying to get back to it by setting some time aside for it. After all, life is so short and at the end if we look back, the only things that make us feel satisfied are the things that we did by putting our hearts into it.

My Art works- I have done numerous Art works in various media; pencil, ballpoint pen, ink, sketch pens, watercolor, and oil colors. I do drawing/painting of portraits, landscapes, objects, illustrations and sculpture with soaps & clay. My style in Art is realism and I am not satisfied until my work looks beautiful to me. Beauty, richness and skill are the main aspects that I always look for in an Art.

Practice makes perfect. I am a strong believer in practice. I follow Bapu's (a well known Telugu Artist who is considered a perfectionist in Art) advice to Artists- try to draw everything you see around you.

Inspiration- I haven't had any formal training in Art other than that I got inspired by my Dad, whose Art skills I believe, I inherited genetically. My Dad used to draw in his leisure time. I only remember just one instance of my Dad doing a drawing that I observed very closely when I was 4 years old.

There have been many inspiring people, places, things and events in my life; family members, friends, other artists, nature and some few opportunities.

Everyday in one's life starts as a blank canvas; any little inspiration stays as a reference and portrays the day into a beautiful memory in life. A life mixed with inspiration, memories and satisfaction is like an endless Art giving life to the life.

In one word art means, Soul to me.


  1. Mr giridhar,

    Very interesting and ur inspiration started from sh.Venkateswara rao sir at APRS Kodigenahalli.Ur admiration and passion to APRSK and To painting is mesmerising.
    Dr. Samba and me are classmates and last 2 weeks back he came to my house and saw some of paintings drawn by my daughter JR SHREYA 13 yrs/8th standard .He just not able to admire and told that i should contact u with out fail.
    He told he spoke to u.I am working as Airport director, Mangalore international airport and APRSK 1982samba batch.
    I completed engg civil at JNTU,ATP and working i Airports authority of India since 1993.

    my email jinkaradha@gmail.com
    my mob no; 9483523178 office
    9481204554 Home- usedby all my daughter/wife/me.

    both can be reached through whatsup

    i would like to put up to u paintings of my daughter.

    pl inform me how i can reach u?

    Once again, ur paintings/ ur website mesmerised me and my family

    thank u


    1. Thanks Radhakrishnan guru.
      I happened to read your comments recently. Will send an email soon.
      Thanks a lot.

  2. sir meeku telugu vchhuanukuntunnanu naperu swarna 58 yrsold naku art ,drawing ante pichhi vyamoham nenu roju nalugu gantalu geeyadam praktise chestunnanunu naku evaroo guruvulu leru chanipoyelopala manchi chitrakrini avalani naa korika nenu sontamga bommalu veyalenu adayin chitranni anukrinchi gee stanu chitralakosam net lo vedukutunte mi blog kanapadindi art gurinchi mee koteshions meru art nerchukunenduku padina tapana nakento nachhayi mee chitralu ento ento bagunnayi dhanyavadalu giridhar garoo michitralanu choosi nenu geesukovachha miku veelayite msj ivvandi naa gmail id 'swarna5757@gmail.com namaste naa fasebook* swarna parasaram **

    1. Swarna Kumari guru,
      Thanks for taking time to comment.
      నేను తెలుగు వాడినే. బొమ్మలంటే నీకున్న అభిమానానికి సంతోషం. నా బొమ్మలు చూసి మీరు నిరభ్యంతరంగా గీసుకోవచ్చు.

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