Sunday, October 25, 2015

Once again, putting my Soul on Canvas...

Sketch for an Oil Painting
Drawing and sketching is the foundation for Painting!
In my belief, a good-start should lead to a good-finish!

Looking forward for another wonderful experience with the richest of all painting media- Oil Painting. This is the biggest in size that I've ever attempted. Hoping to get all the finest of the finest details in this attempt. Once again, I am putting my Soul on Canvas...

Happy Painting.....Art is my Soul!

As this Painting progresses, I also make a progress!
Enjoying my deep presence with it...

Mediums: Oil on Canvas
Size: 24" x 36" (60.9 cm x 91.4 cm)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Lord Krishna...

Lord Krishna
From my wish-list, I chose Lord Krishna as the subject for my second Oil Painting. Working through the Painting for few weeks, I enjoyed blue colors, all over. Not only just how to paint, I am also learning the Art of Patience through this wonderful painting media. This is also the biggest in size of all the paintings I did so far. Unlike Watercolor Painting, at least for me, Oil Painting takes much longer time to finish.

I am glad that I could finish, sign and date this one.

Happy Painting ;)

Mediums: Oil on Canvas
Title: Lord Krishna
Category: Portraits
Inspiration: My dream wish-list
Size: 24" x 30" (62 cm x 76 cm)

Surface: Artist's Loft Gallery Wrapped Traditional Canvas
Paints: Rembrandt Artist's quality, Winsor and Newton Oil Paints
Brushes: No 1, 5 and 8 filbert, No. 1 rounded
Other Media: Winsor & Newton Liquin Original