Sunday, June 10, 2018

Where do I find Time...

An Illustration of my thoughts: Where do I find Time
Ink and Watercolors on Paper

More often, I face this question from many: Where do you find time for your Art?
My answer always, of course with an added smile, is: Weekend mornings, before my kids wake up.
The followup question is easy to guess: What time do you wake up on a weekend?

Some people even think that I am a full-time Artist and sell my Art to make a living. No, I am not. And I don't make a living out of my Art either. I only wish I could. I hardly sold any of my Paintings ;) It's nothing but more of a passion than anything else.

I have been thinking of putting my thought together for a long time on this question that I face: Where do I find Time?

Time- is the only resource in the world given equally to everyone. It is given each day as it comes and taken once the day is gone. It's up to us managing and using it the way we want to. We can become rich each day by using it wisely, or can become poor by not using it as wise as we can. Rich and poor in time sense is not by a means of wealth of money. It is by a means of living in it fully, and carrying a wealth of memories to recollect as we move along.

I respect people, and I double respect those who wake up early in the morning ;). Those are the ones who thrive to do something extra in life. That something extra could be anything that otherwise they can't fit into their 24 hour clock-time. Within each day, there is extra hidden time to find and use it wisely. This is the little time that makes one happier at later years in life. This is the little time truly lived in and well spent that collects lots of great memories to recollect later and live not just once, but twice.

Time is the only free resource which can be invested by spending. Find an extra portion of it, spend it on your passions, and it turns into an investment right away, and pays off well in future. Spend it, but don't overspend it. Returns of this investment come back in several forms: wonderful experiences, sweet memories, and many more to feel.

Finding time is the most easiest thing in the world. Easy, only when you know where and how to find it. It's also bit magical, if you think you don't have it- yes, you don't have it. If you think you have it- of course, you have it. Don't search for it, you will never find it. Search is only for the things that are lost but can be found. Time is the only-and-only thing in life: once lost, it's lost forever!

So, where do I find time for this and time for that?
I don't need to find, I just keep spending, and I just keep investing in it.

"The poorest of the poor is the one who doesn't have time for anything.
The richest of the rich is the one who can find time for anything. "
- Giridhar Pottepalem

Title:  Where do I find Time......
Mediums: Ink and Watercolors on Paper
Inspiration: Instinct for doing an Illustration, Passion for Arts...
Size: 8.5" x 11" (21.5 cm x 27.9 cm)
Surface: Artist's Loft Sketchbook, 75 lb/110 gm2 Acid-free Paper