Saturday, June 23, 2018


Based on a picture of Mehreen (Telugu Actress)
Ink & Watercolors on Paper

ఎవరికోసం ఈ బొమ్మలన్నీ
వేస్తూ ఎక్కడికెళుతున్నానో 
నాకే అర్ధం కాదు

కానీ వెయ్యాలి
ఏదో వేసెయ్యాలి
ఏవేవో గీసెయ్యాలి
అదే తపన

అలా రూపుదిద్దుకునేవే
ఈ పిచ్చి గీతలూ..వాటికద్దే రంగులూ
. . . .

"Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get." - Dale Carnegie

Gifted this to one of my good friends Kumar, who actually wanted to buy it as a memory!
When I did this, I was wondering why I was painting at all. Thanks Kumar for the affection you showed to my Paintings, you deserve this as a gift from me! I didn't want to lose that opportunity ;)

Aslo, after hiking few hours with friends, families and kids, while I was presenting this gift right after lunch, I came to know that his birthday was coming up in 3 days. That was even better, my Painting had a purpose then as an advanced b'day gift! A moment to cherish for long time! Hope my Paintings when started had reasons, find occasions and make into new homes.

Kumar and me with the original Painting framed and gifted.
Keep yourself occupied...all the time, be with your heart. None in the world can be a better match to you other than yourself!

Happy painting!

Title:  Mehreen (Telugu Actress)......
Mediums: Ink and Watercolors on Paper
Inspiration: Mehreen's picture, Passion for Arts...
Size: 8.5" x 11" (21.5 cm x 27.9 cm)
Surface: Artist's Loft Sketchbook, 75 lb/110 gm2 Acid-free Paper

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