Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gave a colorful life, finally...

Working with other Artists at the Workshop
It's been almost six months since I started a sketch for this painting at a workshop conducted by a Professional Artist Prity Lathia to our Kalakruti members. It was a very informative session and I learned few basics on what professional Artists look for in an Art, some details on materials etc. We could only do all the needed setup for starting a watercolor painting like taping the watercolor paper to the board, and finishing a quick pencil outline sketch, but had to take the taped and sketched board for painting later at home.

The paper remained just taped to the board for six months, waiting to be removed, very patiently ;) Finally, I have decided to release it by bringing it to a colorful life. I am glad that I did it, at last!

I never used to leave my art works unfinished for a long time. Recently, I've left many behind, unfinished like this. :( I am hoping to finish those all, this year.

Thanks to Mridula for organizing this workshop and Prity Lathia for conducting it, sharing some details on Professionals view of Art, also sharing some of her experience & knowledge with us, and having us started this very familiar flowers commonly seen across India.

Hadn't this workshop happened, I would never have done a painting of these beautiful flowers.

Happy Painting ;)

At various stages of taking life


Mediums: Watercolors
Surface: Beinfang Watercolor Paper, 140 lb. 207 GSM (unstretched)
Size: 9" x 12" (23 cm x 30 cm)
Paints: Grumbacher - Violet, Light Red, Winsor & Newton - Opera Rose, Cadmium Red, Olive Green, Hooker's Green, Raw Sienna, Cobalt blue, Rowney Georgian - Burnt Sienna
Brushes: 10 round sable, 00 synthetic Winsor & Newton, and 000 Sable synthetic blend

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