Saturday, October 5, 2013

Keep Sharpening your Skills...

Everyone has some skill or other. Some recognize it early and take it as their profession; they are the ones who truly enjoy their profession and take their skill to new levels to put themselves on the top. Others keep it as a hobby, using once in a while, dreaming in their little hobby world, and using their skill when they feel like or when some kind of inspiration suddenly strikes them. Knowingly or unknowingly these are the people who don't know how to sharpen their skills like professionals do.

Like in life- there is no substitute for hard work, in Arts- there is no substitute for practice. I have been trying to follow lately "The Best Ever Advice" for hobbyists by the most admired Telugu Artist Sri Bapu. When asked for an advice, he always says...keep drawing everything you see around you, make paper cuttings of pictures you come across in newspapers, keep those cuttings and make an album of  your reference for drawings and illustrations, and more than anything practice, practice and practice. What more one can do other than this to sharpen skills?

Life never gives what we want. It only gives what it had already decided to give. "I don't have time for doing it", we all hear this everyday from many. That's very true, we don't have time for doing anything that we truly want to do. That's how life always goes on. But, if we won't do it, we don't know what we are capable of doing. Even if we do it once in a while, we don't know if we need to improve it any further, and we end up there thinking- that's all I can do. can always do more and can always do even better. One should keep on doing it, practicing it more and more and more. Take practice as a never-ending journey. One day when we look back where and how we started, sure- we get surprised with how sharp our skills have become.

Lately, I have started sharpening my drawing skills by putting them into a constant practice-- an essential foundation in Art. I started to use my daily morning and evening commute time for doing it. With this I don't need to keep any special time aside, it is already set aside for me.

Now, I can say, I found what I wanted, within what life had decided and had given me. No more complaints and no more saying "I don't have time for sharpening my skills" ;) I would rather prefer saying to myself, " I should always find time..."

It's your skill. Keep sharpening it!
Happy sketching ;)

Media: Pen (Uni-ball Deluxe Micro Pen), Ink and Watercolors on paper (8" x 11")

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