Saturday, September 28, 2013

Just shake those off...

Each day takes us through many moods: good and bad, happy and sad, best and worst, bright and gloomy... Good, best, happy and bright moods don't need any special care. They are just so special and they take care of themselves. The other face of the moods are those that need some special care. If we get stuck with those that need a special care, with giving no care, the day gets ruined. Any day gone bad is mere waste of precious time of a short-life.

One should shake those off when caught up in such bad moods. I am glad that I have my sketch book and a pen as my best companions and meditation tools; that go with me and are with me all the time. A 25 minute heads-down soul-meditation in my sketch book certainly turns my any given gloomy day into a bright one.

A day gone with not letting one to do what one wants to do is like a day never given at all.

Media: Pen (Uni-ball Deluxe Micro Pen), Ink and Watercolors on paper (8" x 11")

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