Thursday, September 12, 2013

Making Deers with Palm Tree Leaves...

I am glad that I took a walk around the Santa Clara Convention Center after a 3 long days of SpringOne 2GX Conference. It was so beautiful, the weather was so nice and I couldn't lock myself boringly indoors in my Hotel room doing nothing but watching TV.

As I was walking, enjoying the nice sunny beautiful afternoon, there were couple of short palm trees close to the side walk. I had a Ha-Ha moment reaching those trees. I plucked few leaves.

It's been several years since I made a deer with leaves like this. What a perfect afternoon to relax!

I came back to the hotel room with a bunch of leaves and went back to my childhood days thinking of my Dad from whom I learned this art of "Making Deer". Actually, I only had observed him making this many times for me but never actually learnt how to make it. One fine evening he started showing me how to make it and I only learned the back legs portion of it. Then I had to run to play as my friends started calling me from outside.

Palm Tree 
I never got a chance to complete the remaining of my learning. I only attempted to do it after my Dad passed away. To my surprise, I could do it in my first attempt and then made it several times.

In India we used to make it with the leaves of Dates trees.

It's been so many years since I made one and first time in U.S, I found a leaf that is similar to Date Tree leaf and my Ha-Ha moment came in for me.

You just need 2 leaves to change those into a deer.

Two leaves (peeled into half)


  Make the leaves into half vertically; it's easy using the thumb nail.

Stage 2


 Again vertically, make each into half, keeping the bottom part connected.



Stage 4
 Connect them as shown.


 Start weaving both.

Stage 5


 Continue as shown.

All Done


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