Sunday, October 13, 2013

Logo for a Lego League...

It's this year's Robotics season with Kids again. Once again, we decided to have our own group T-Shirts with our own Logo for this years Kids' First lego League (FLL) Challenge. This year's FLL challenge is Nature's Fury. The idea that I depicted in this logo is a Robot protecting a house during a storm. Initially, I did another idea very similar to this but with Robot arms around the house. But, with kids suggestion I changed it to a Robot holding a sword and a shield, indicating that it is ready to fight any force that tries to destroy the house. Kids always have innovative ideas ;)

Of course, Category 6 is our Team's name and Masters of Disasters is the tag line chosen by kids.

I also did one for our team at last year's FLL Senior Solutions Challenge. Check it out in the Gallery.

Media: Ink Pen on paper (8" x 11")

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