Friday, February 8, 2013

Sources of Inspiration...

Inspiration for Artists can be found anywhere. A beautiful thing, a striking picture, a joyful event, an interesting news...anything can inspire the creativity of an Artist.

Newspapers contain not only interesting news, but also beautiful and interesting pictures. It is one of the best sources of my daily sketching.

Take a look at the following sketch page. The beautiful Shen Yun Performing Arts ad in the newspaper inspired me instantly to pull out my sketchbook.

Do you wonder- when there is this beautiful and colorful performance going on, who is that guy sitting at one corner of this page and taking a nap? Ha haa...that is one of the interesting secrets reveled on the internet and got into the news. Well, as he made into this sketch page, I just thought "let me give him a colorful nap for revealing his secret..." ;)

Media: Pen (Uni-ball Deluxe Micro Pen), Ink and Watercolors on paper (6" x 8")

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