Saturday, February 9, 2013

Art always gives Energy...

I always enjoy doing Portraits. I did many portraits, but most of them are done with pencil, ink, ballpoint pen or watercolors in a more traditional way. Of course when I say traditional way, it's my own way of it. I really don't know what a traditional way of doing Art is.

Sketching portraits is something that I haven't attempted seriously. Lately, I have been making it a daily habit of doing at least one sketch a day, unless it is really a busy day.
Sorry...did I say busy?
Actually, I meant to say lazy, really... ;)

I challenged myself with the following two portraits by doing straight with ink and pen. At the end they boosted my energy to such a high level that I did a non-stop snow shovel for 3 hours cleaning my driveway wherein we had almost 3 feet of snow last night.

Art always gives energy :)

Media: Pen (Uni-ball Deluxe Micro Pen), Ink and Watercolors on paper (8" x 6")

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