Monday, December 5, 2016

Day-7 of Painting Challenge on Facebook . . .

Poster colors on Paper

Poster colors on Paper
Day-7 of Painting Challenge on Facebook . . .
I conclude this week-long #painting #challenge with the following 2 watercolor paintings done during my college days at #VRSEC Engineering college, #Vijayawada.

Both the paintings were done during my initial learnjng days by studying published paintings of Artist Uttam Kumar, an illustrator then in #AndhraBhoomi #Telugu weekly magazine. One thing common in both of these paintings is #woman with(in) the #nature. Each takes viewers into it's own story. They both depict different shades of a woman alongside of different changes of nature. Both nature and woman are portrayed beautifully showing the beautiful side of human-nature.

It's been a pleasure sharing my college days paintings and recollecting some of my memories with those.

Painting-1 signed and dated: Jan 14, 1988
Painting-2 signed and dated: Dec 3, 1988
Thanks to all those who took time to comment and a moment to click 'like' ;)
Special thanks to Indira Meka who followed this closely and eagerly, also saved and shared one of my paintings of those days that she got from me.

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