Saturday, July 2, 2016

This Day that Age...

Coastal Andhra, India - Ink on regular Paper
My vacation days, 30 years ago were filled with nothing but Art. At that age in life, I didn't have any sources around me for learning drawing or doing painting. But, I just used to draw and I just used to try hard to get into painting. I didn't even have any good Art material with me. All I had was just regular fountain pen ink (Camel or Bril, Indian brands), a couple of tiny cheap quality watercolor brushes, regular but not a good quality white paper and access to some newspapers and weekly magazines like Andhra Bhoomi.

Just the desire to Draw and Paint was strong enough which made me try numerous drawings with Pencil and Ink. Taking a step further, I think, I discovered my own way of painting in black & white with just ink and water. This one is one of such drawing-paintings done with ink and water on paper. As always, the moments and time I spent alone at our home with my Art are still fresh in my memories. When I look back now, all those good-old drawings make me feel happy. My efforts didn't go waste. They still make me happy even after 30 years.

Have a strong desire to do anything, and keep doing. A job well-done always gives pleasure!

Happy Painting!

Mediums: Bril Ink with brush on Paper
Title: Coastal Andhra, India
Category: Landscapes
Dated: July 5, 1986
Place: Kavali, AP, India
Inspiration: A picture published in Andhra Bhoomi Sunday Special Edition Newspaper
Size: 11" x 16" (28 cm x 40 cm)

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