Sunday, March 6, 2016

Value study...

"Value study" done before watercolor painting
Many Artists do a value study of the subject before they start Watercolor Painting. Value study is nothing but a quick sketch done to study the composition of shapes that make up the painting. The study of composition also includes finding the values, usually classified into three: 1) darks, 2) mediums and 3) lights.

Typically, value study is done with Pencil as pencil is close to Watercolors. Pen and ink is also good media to do a value study as darks and mediums can be easily shown. The sketch done to do value study is generally smaller in size than the actual painting. It basically helps studying the subject quickly. Once the study is done, it will be a good reference during the actual painting.

This sketch is done as a "value study" to my next painting. Darks are identified with dark black, mediums are shown with finer lines of black, and lights are nothing but the areas of paper not touched.

Happy Painting!
If you have a passion of Painting, keep painting.
Today is yesterday's tomorrow, to have no regrets of yesterday ;)

Reference: Picture from internet
Mediums: Ink Pen on Paper
Size: 11" x 81/2" (28 cm x 21.5 cm)

Pens: Prismacolor Premier Brush Tip Marker (black), Staedtler 0.33mm ink pen
Surface: Heavyweight (80#) Sketching Paper

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