Saturday, March 12, 2016

Time to clean up that mess...

messy Palette - watercolor
Artists' palettes usually look very messy. I myself often wonder how such messy surface can be the base for creating beautiful and wonderful paintings. Believe it or not, some Artists never clean their palettes ;)

I took a break from my watercolor painting to experience Painting in Oils last summer. Just opened my palette today to see what kind of mess I had left on it after my last watercolor painting. All of the color-slots have pretty dry paint left and the mixing areas and large wells for washes  all got dried-up. Before I clean this mess, I thought I'd rather take a snapshot of it, which when I look back reminds me, two years of wonderful journey into my dream of watercolor painting.

Now, it's time to clean up that mess and start a new journey from here again. Looking forward to fantastic experiences again after this break.

Creation is always a messy process, but the outcome of a creation is always wonderful.

Don't be afraid to get into messy things when you are trying to create anything that is wonderful and beautiful!

Happy Painting and get into it by all means of messy ways!

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