Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Best Friends...

My Best Friends
My Best Friends- a new set of Oil Paints and few Special Watercolor Paints have just arrived from BLICK.

I am excited to have these Art supplies bought with my first-ever-prize-money of winning an Art Competition conducted by TANA recently. This is a nice addition of Rembrandt Artists' Oil Paints and Daniel Smith Quinacridone Watercolors to my Art supplies.

My Art tools & supplies are my Best Friends. They make me learn, make me feel good, make me get better and better, make me feel proud, give me joy, forgive me if I do a mistake, and stay with me till the last drop of their life. They reciprocate the same care & love to me in the form of creating beautiful paintings. I can't wait for making my "Dreams come True" of doing some serious Oil Painting this summer.

I Love my Art tools & supplies, they will never make me go wrong!
Happy Painting ;)

TOP - Left to Right - Watercolors
Daniel Smith Extra Fine Quinacridone Red 15ml
Daniel Smith Extra Fine Quinacridone Purple 15ml
Daniel Smith Extra Fine Quinacridone Sienna 15ml

BOTTOM - Left to Right - Rembrandt Artists' Oil Paints
Rembrandt Oil Color - Titanium White (linseed) 40ml 
Rembrandt Oil Color - Indantherene Blue 40ml
Rembrandt Oil Color - Cobalt Blue 40ml
Rembrandt Oil Color - Cadmium Yellow Lemon 40ml
Rembrandt Oil Color - Vermillion 40ml
Rembrandt Oil Color - Olive Green 40ml
Rembrandt Oil Color - Permanent Madder Brown 40ml
Rembrandt Oil Color - Yellow Ochre 40ml
Rembrandt Oil Color - Burnt Umber 40ml

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