Sunday, May 10, 2015

An Artist can also be a Surgeon...

Portrait of Divine couple - Radha and Krishna

On the very last day of the Painting Workshop that a took last year conducted by Thomas W Schaller, I learned how to correct a Painting in order to make it look better. He rightly used the term Surgery for describing this after-done-process. There is no better term than that.

No Painting is perfect and there is always some aspect of it that could have been done better, or differently. Many of Master Paintings reveal this hidden surgery under the paintings when looked at  very closely.  Tom showed us how Paintings can be made look better by this process. Taking that lesson taught by a Master, I looked at my Painting that I thought I finished and even signed yesterday. I felt that it can be made look better by correcting the very obvious mistake done. The bottom portion of the painting looked odd to me which was left mostly untouched. I corrected that and also added little value of colors all around.

It certainly looks better now. Surgery successfully done! Thanks Tom for teaching me the technique!

Lesson Learned: If at all life gives a chance to correct a mistake, go for a careful surgery. Do not repeat the same mistake. Repeated mistakes only ruin it further...

Learn something each day. After all, life is nothing...but, learning lessons!

Happy painting! 

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