Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Year of Watercolor Exploration...

2015 Calendar of my Paintings
When I was choosing my last year Paintings for a 2015 Calendar of my own Paintings, I felt quite happy to realize that I did not let a single month go by without doing a Painting. I remember, I started January of last year with the theme of "Flowers". Did a series of paintings of just Flowers. Last year, this month- I was learning, practicing and exploring various techniques that I read in books, also trying various brands and qualities of material.

Few years ago, I was dreaming to come back to my Art which took a pause for a long period in my life. I am glad I only paused it, not bypassed it.

I can certainly call the year 2014 as "My Year ear of Watercolor Exploration".

Happy Painting ;)

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