Friday, December 27, 2013

Learn from failures...

Not every attempt to paint will be a success. Sometimes, we have to paint for the bin too. The ones that end up in the bin are the ones that we learn the most from.

After a couple of my recent attempts ended up in the bin, this one has managed to stay out. Of course, every attempt is a learning; success or failure.

Peacock has been in my wish-list for a long time. More attempts of this beautiful bird are yet to come in coming years...

Happy painting ;)


Title: Peacock
Mediums: Watercolors
Surface: Arches Watercolor Paper 12" x 16" (30 cm x 40 cm)
Paints: Grumbacher - Cadmium Yellow, Violet, Winsor & Newton - Cotman Turquoise Aquarelle, Cobalt blue
Brushes: 10 round sable, 00 synthetic Winsor & Newton, and 000 Sable synthetic blend

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