Sunday, March 10, 2019

Towards your destiny...

Dancing Feet
Oil on Stretched Canvas 16" x 20" (40 cm x 50 cm)

Destiny is not something that we reach by accident or by luck. It is something that we know very well about. But, what we don't know is how to reach. Efforts, efforts, efforts....that is all we need to put in for reaching it.

I have turned many of my thoughts and actions into habits by constantly doing. I always tell myself and others that once something becomes a habit, it is hard to live without it. Thought Art has been my primary hobby since my childhood, I turned it into a habit by re-starting it with sketching. Sketching for almost 2 years every single day on my commute to work on the train, and then constantly practicing every weekend for more than 6 years till date, now it is part of my life. I can't live without doing it. My weekend is not complete without it. It is now that much into me and my life!

This one is a continuation of my series of Nátyánjali - My tribute to Indian Classical Dance. I've lost track of the running number of this series already, and cannot count on my fingers and toes anymore. It must be in twenties by now. This is my 12th finished Oil Painting and 3rd this year. If I can reach the magical number 12 by the end of this year, I would reach my goal, 1 per month on an average. That's an aggressive goal with much of time is taken by the busy life of profession, family, friends, books etc.

"Your beliefs become your thoughts.
Your thoughts become your words.
Your words become your actions.
Your actions become your habits.
Your habits become your values.
Your values become your destiny."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Happy Painting!
March forward steadily towards your destiny!!

Title: Dancing Feet, Nátyánjali - My tribute to Indian Classical Dance
Mediums: Oil on Stretched Canvas
Reference: A photograph from my collection
Size: 16" x 20" (40 cm x 50 cm)
Surface: Stretched Canvas board

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