Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Roomful of Inspiration and Peace...

A Roomful of Inspiration and Peace
It's been a dream for me to see all my Paintings put together at one place like in an Art Gallery. Not any more, the dream has been made true by my sister Indira Meka(Indu) who recently visited us on a two-week vacation. She took an initiative, designed & created My Signature Place and made a wonderful Signature Gift of her own for me.

She is one special person to have in my life who has been so caring of me and my Arts, since my childhood. It took two days for both of us to turn my cluttered-office-room at my home into a roomful-of-inspiration. Now when I walk into the room, I walk into a New source of Inspiration & Peace.

It also has two very special best-creative-corners, Peace Corner and Pedababu's Corner (as Indu named and was referring it) which is nothing but My Dad's Corner. The Peace Corner has a beautiful and peaceful Yoga Girl- an elegant Art Piece which is a gift for me from Indu. My Dad's Corner has two of my Dad's three original Indian Ink Art Works along with his Portrait that I did.

Now I have my own Art around me inspiring me all-the-time. When I step inside, I no longer step into a room, but I step into my own world-of-inspiration, my own world-of-creation, my own world-of-memories, my own world-of-feelings, my own world-of-art.and my own word-of-heart.

I know Thank you is only a small word for such a thoughtful creation from me.
A heart felt "Thank You Indu" from my (he)Art.

Inspired form this, I create my own quotation and dedicate it to Indu.

"Art has special corners in the heart, creativity has no corners!" - Giridhar Pottepalem

Peace corner
My Dad's Corner

Art & Peace go together

Title: A Roomful of Inspiration and Peace
Designer & Creator: Indira Meka
Tools: Two Creative minds
Surface: My Home

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