Sunday, November 27, 2016

Day-3 of Painting Challenge on Facebook . . .

Day-3 of Painting Challenge on Facebook
Another #painting based on an illustration by #Telugu Artist "Uttam Kumar" in Telugu weekly magazine #Andhrabhoomi. This is one of many I did in just #BlackAndWhite.
Most of my paintings that I did during my engineering college days at #VRSECnever went out of my hostel room. But, this is the only painting that got onto the "Literary Club News Board" and was displayed there for a week or so. One of my batch mates and a good friend of mine, Kiran Kakarlamudi made this happen with a caption of the following lines taken from a song:

"నీ నును పైటను తాకిన చాలు
గాలికి గిలిగింత కలుగునులే
నీ కనుచూపే సోకిన చాలు
సూర్యుడు వెన్నెల కాయునులే
నీ పాదాలూ తాకిన చాలు
శిలలైనా విరబూయాలిలే...."
Even as on today, if I happen to listen that Telugu song, this painting comes in and remains in the background.

Mediums: Camel Poster Colors on Paper
Inspiration: A illustration by Uttam Kumar in Andhrabhoomi Telugu magazine
Size: 8" x 10" (20 cm x 25 cm)
Signed and Dated: Nov 26, 1988

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