Saturday, June 25, 2016

The cow I made for Radha and Krishna...

The Cow for Radha and Krishna
I was recently approached by one of my Art friends asking me to make a cow for a Radha and Krishna statue. She was planning to setup Brindavanam at the venue of one of my friend's daughter's Rangapravesam in Kuchipudi dance.

I never attempted anything like this before, but when asked, said ok. Then I took measurements of the statue to plan the size of the cow. I simply tried it on a Foam Board (20" x 30") and used Water Colors. When it was placed behind Radha and Krishna statue in Brindavanam,  it just looked perfect.

Here is the happy cow with Radha and Krishna:

Radha and Krishna with the Cow
At the end of the event, I gave it away to a friend of mine who likes my Artworks, for her Bommalakoluvu.

Simply put your heart in anything you do in life, the outcome will just be amazing and you will have  at most satisfaction with your efforts ;)

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