Saturday, November 7, 2015

Proud moments...

My Drawing on Telugu TV - tv9
I was watching tv9 - Telugu tv last night and there was a program about ShantiPriya. To my pleasant surprise, I saw my Art in there. They used one of my Drawings that I did in my college days. That was originally the drawing of Bhanupriya. I felt happy to see my Art on TV.

Those days that I did many of Bhanupriya's portraits are still fresh in my memory. This one is based on a picture from a Filmfare magazine that I bought on the footpaths in Vijayawada at the Alankar Center on a Sunday evening where there used to be a big sale of old books and magazines.

Here is the original one. I have it framed and seen in my Drawing room. I proudly said many times to many people that I did this one straight with Ballpoint Pen. Now it makes me feel prouder.

Portrait of Bhanupriya

Mediums: Ballpoint Pen
Title: Bhanupriya
Category: Portraits
Inspiration: Photograph from Filmfare magazine
Size: 4" x 6" (11 cm x 16 cm)
Signed and Dated: Sep 19, 1988


  1. Good for you Giri. Just curious how TV9 got hold of your art? Do they acknowledge your work or simply used it without acknowledging?
    -Reddeppa Reddy (APRSK 1982)

    1. Thanks Reddeppa. They simply used it. I wouldn't have even known if I had missed watching it. I did send an email after that and they replied to me saying that they got the image from ShantiPriya's PR team and assured to give credits next time when they re-telecast this.