Sunday, August 30, 2015

Unless you stretch yourself...

Krishna - Oil on Canvas - Sketch
As I go through Oil Painting bit seriously this time, I learn the fact that I just cannot have one Painting started and get it going until I finish. It takes several weeks and even months before I get to finish one painting. After every stage, I need to wait at least few days for it to dry little bit before I continue to work.  Unlike watercolor, it is a very slow process.

As I am used to the fast pace of watercolor painting lately, I find it hard to slow down and wait patiently. So, I decided to have multiple paintings going on at the same time so that I can go at my desired speed switching from one to another, working on all in parallel. I might be highly ambitious with Oil Painting in the beginning itself, but...hey, unless I stretch myself, I don't know how far I can reach.... ;)

I will keep posting the progress here...

Happy Painting!

Mediums: Oil on Canvas
Size: 24" x 30" (60.9 cm x 76.2 cm)

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