Saturday, April 11, 2015

Magic of Colors...

Magic of Colors
To make my boring weekend little interesting, I just wanted to play with colors. I started with an intention to do a colorful abstract painting but ended up doing a colorful portrait instead. In the beginning, I thought I was only painting for the bin. I am glad it didn't end up in there.

Colors can truly change moods and can turn a boring day into an interesting day. Boring can also be inspiring's all in our hands ;)

There are no short-cuts to improvement. The only path is PRACTICE!

Keep practicing. Happy Painting!

Mediums: Watercolors
Title: Magic of colors
Category: Random portraits - from pictures
Inspiration: Boring Day
Size: 16" x 20" (40 cm x 50 cm)

Surface: Arches Watercolor Paper, 140 lb Cold Press
Paints: Winsor & Newton Burnt Sienna, Opera Rose,  Cobalt Turquoise Light, Ultramarine Violet and Ultramarine Blue
Brushes: Da Vinci Kolinsky Round Size 1, 3 and 5


  1. ఇలా చెబుతున్నందుకు కోపగించుకోకండి,
    మనోఫలకం అన్న మాట లేదు. మనఃఫలకం అని వ్రాయటమే సరైనది.
    అ పైన మీ యిష్టం ప్రకారమే చేయండి.

  2. శ్యామలీయం గారూ,
    గతం లోనూ ఒకసారి మీరే ఇలా చెప్పినట్టు గుర్తు.
    ఇప్పుడు మార్చాను.
    Thanks again అండీ!